NC Miata Rear Tie Down Hooks, Pair

NC Miata Rear Tie Down Hooks, Pair
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NC Miata Rear Tie Down Hooks, Pair
Check out these tie down hooks for the rear of the NC Miatas: Designed, fabricated, and tested in-house by our Tech/Fabricator, Ben Thrailkill! Not only can you tie down your NC on a trailer with ease, whether it's a Spec MX-5, T4 car, or track day warrior, but they also double as the needed shock alignment spacers required to run Penske Racing Shocks. $50 per pair.

And remember kiddies, as the Ghostbusters say, "Never cross the [straps]!" Want to understand WHY it's bad to cross your tie down straps? Check out this video on YouTube by BleepinJeep:

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