G-Loc Spec Miata Brake Package

G-Loc Spec Miata Brake Package
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Never again have brake problems on your Spec Miata! Package includes four (4) new rotors, G-Loc R10 front brake pads, and R8 rear brake pads.

So what makes G-Loc Brake Pads special...

- The proprietary ceramic carbon Kevlar compound provides exceptional bite at all temperatures with extreme fade resistance and low rotor wear that no iron based pad can match.

- The ability to slightly compress the Kevlar gives G-Loc's their legendary modulation and release characteristics. No on/off switch!

- Ceramic gives the flat torque curve these pads are known for. Cold or hot, expect the most predictable and smooth braking you've ever experienced!

- Using Kevlar instead of steel makes for a stronger pad, able to withstand much greater abuse than a lower cost pad using copper or steel strands.

- What dust they do make is easily removed and non-destructive to your wheel's finish.

- The Ceramic, Carbon, and Kevlar compound offers the lowest rotor wear of any high performance or race pad, without any loss of bite or fade resistance.

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